What is a Boudior Shoot I hear you ask? 
A Boudior Shoot is a way for you to show off your sensual side in a tasteful manner
that will make you look and feel sensual and gorgeous. The shoot is designed
to bring out your confidence and empower you and makes a fabulous gift for yourself
or your partner.

I will be your photographer and may on occasion with your approval, may be accompanied
with my male assistant. Together or individually we will endeavour to help you feel
comfortable and at ease during your intimate shoot.
The photographs will be taken in an artistic and sophisticated style in your favourite lingerie
and accessories. I will work with you to show off your personality and your best assets and
produce a wonderful set of photographs for  you to cherish or to surprise your partner with.









Did you know that Boudior Shoots are no longer just for the ladies?
Increasing in popularity are Couples Boudior Shoots, in which both
partners are involved.
You will have heard the expression "the couples who play together
stay together", so here's a cheeky little experience that really is a lot of fun. 
When it comes to romantic relationships, there are many ways to keep the
spark alive, from Date Nights to weekends away. One option which has
been growing in popularity is the Couples Boudior Shoot.
This intimate and sensual experience can have many benefits for couples
looking to deepen their connection and reignite their passion.
Couples shoots are a great way to boost your confidence and self esteem.
Its a chance to celebrate your love, explore your sensuality, build trust and
communication, boost your confidence and create lasting memories
If you would like to book a Couples Boudior Shoot, then don't hesitate to
get in touch.